"Transform Your Passion into a Platform. Here's Your Roadmap..." 

How to Rise ABOVE the Noise & Get PAID for What You Know
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"For writers, speakers and coaches, this book is a game-changer!" 
- Michael Hyatt

See What Others Are Saying About This Brand New Book
"This book is a game-changer!"
"Jonathan Milligan lays out a comprehensive 4-step plan to help you turn your passion into a profitable online business. For aspiring writers, speakers, and coaches, this book is a game-changer." - Michael Hyatt, NY Times Bestselling Author
"Jonathan demystifies the process."
"Jonathan demystifies the process of how to take your story, experience, or passion and turn it into a thriving online business. There's never been a better time to work from home, doing what you love, then right now." - Natalie Sisson, Author of Suitcase Entrepreneur
"A new manual for online business success!"
"Your Message Matters lays out the path from discovering your message all the way to marketing your message. Let this book be your new manual for online business success!” - Ryan Levesque, NY Times Bestselling Author

Transform Your Passion into a Platform

This Book Reveals How to Discover Your Message, Launch Your Platform, and Build Your Tribe

"There is a mission only you can fulfill. You were born at the right time in history. You were raised in the right geographical part of the earth. Your gift is needed in the world!"

Messengers are wired to create. They can't escape their desire to be creative. They actually feel called to create. 

The goal is not to become famous. The goal is to steward your gift; to make a difference in the world. To do what you were born to do. It's a longing in every human heart. It might be buried, but it's there. You have value, and your value is sought after in the world. 
Too often we treat doubt as a sign not to do something. But what if the reverse were true? What if at the first sign of doubt we took bold action instead? How different would our lives be if we treated doubt as the dream killer? 

 The world needs you to chase your talents. We need you to pursue your gifts. Your gift is needed in the world. Your journey begins today. Your message matters! 

"But Hey - Don't Take Our Word For IT!"

See What Others Are Saying About Your Message Matters

Here's Who This Works For

This Works If You're In Any Online Business Industry Including The Following:
  • Bloggers
  • Speakers
  • Writers
  • Vloggers
  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Experts
  • Pastors
  • Course Creators
  • Non-Profits
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Internet Marketers

So If You're Struggling to Get Your Message Heard (or Don't Even Know Your Life's Message)...

This Book Is For You!

Do you long to work for yourself, on your own terms? What's holding you back? Self-doubt, fear, technology challenges, the feeling that there are already too many other people doing what you want to do? It's time to face those things head-on and transform your passion into a thriving business. Why? Because your message matters.

In this uplifting and practical book, blogger, speaker, and business coach Jonathan Milligan gives you a simple four-step framework to rise above the noise and build a real business. He shows you how to believe, define, craft, and market your message so that you can fulfill your unique purpose in this life. 

With plenty of helpful assessment tools and proven strategies--including how to create seven perpetual income streams in twelve months from just one message--this is your go-to guide for living your dreams and impacting the world for good.

Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book (FREE)

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

Section 1: Believe Your Message

  • Secret #1: How an old out-of-print book led me to one of the GREATEST discoveries on how to find your life's purpose (pg. 13).
  • Secret #2: The seismic shift that's happened in the past two decades that has largely gone  unnoticed by the majority of society that you can tap into it virtually for FREE (pg. 17).
  • Secret #3: The 4 CRITICAL questions you need to answer to build a successful online business where you can influence anyone anywhere (pg. 26).
  • Secret #4: The day Walt Disney's dream almost died and the FOUR life lessons we can learn from it to keep pursuing our own dreams (pg. 35).
  • Secret #5: The ONLY question that really matters when it comes to discovering your life's work (pg. 47).
  • Secret #6: Why the secret to building a business and life you love is not about "following the money" but it's REALLY about THIS instead (pg. 54).
  • Secret #7: How a college dropout built a Fortune 5000 business in just 5 YEARS sharing his advice online (pg.56).
  • Secret #8: The 9 BIG reasons you should build a business sharing your advice online and what that actually means (pg. 58).
  • Secret #9: What the "Messenger Manifesto" is and why you should read it every morning BEFORE you work in your business (pg. 67).
  • Secret #10: What the "Messenger Roadmap" is and why you should it to map out your ENTIRE business on one-page (pg. 79).

Section 2: Define Your Message

  • Secret #11: What the "Ignite Your Message" Framework is and how you can use it to discover your purpose, people and passion (pg.85).
  • Secret #12: The 3 biggest MISTAKES online entrepreneurs make when defining their "niche" and how to avoid them (pg.87).
  • Secret #13: Why trying to "find your purpose in life" is a BAD idea and why you should focus on THIS instead (pg. 94).
  • Secret #14: How our 32-question INFLUENCER VOICE ASSESSMENT can identify YOUR fastest path to INCOME and IMPACT by identifying if your strength is a writer, speaker, teacher or coach (pg. 101).
  • Secret #15: How the AUDIENCE FILTER SCORECARD can help you identify the right niche for YOUR unique situation.
  • Secret #16: How a stay-at-home mom built the largest personal finance blog online by sharing her passion for saving money with other moms (pg. 113).
  • Secret #17: How a bread truck delivery man from Milwaukee pursued his REAL passion in life and built an international marketing agency (pg. 122).
  • Secret #18: What the six core human NEEDS are and why your business should be working to solve one of them if you're going to be successful (pg. 129).
  • Secret #19: How an unexpected detour while on a wedding anniversary trip in New York City led me to the GREATEST discovery of FREE website traffic (pg.134).
  • Secret #20: The 5 MUST-HAVE elements for every messenger's website (pg. 137).

Section 3: Market Your Message

  • Secret #21: The 4 FOCUSING habits of successful messengers and how to implement them to sky-rocket your success (pg. 149).
  • Secret #22: What the CAPTURE HABIT is and why it's critical to your online business success (pg. 152).
  • Secret #23: The ONLY 3 ways to create value online and how to tap into them to create a MASSIVE following and REVING fans (pg. 157).
  • Secret #24: My 3 FAVORITE evergreen content templates that I've used to produce thousands of blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, and Livestreams (pg. 162).
  • Secret #25: How to build your email list FAST by answering these THREE simple questions (pg. 176).
  • Secret #26: How a high school teacher with virtual no list added 1,365 NEW email subscriber in just ONE WEEK (pg. 180). 
  • Secret #27: How to use the MESSENGER PRODUCT MAP to create 12 income streams in your online business (pg. 184).
  • Secret #28: A PROVEN step-by-step plan for creating 7 income streams in just 12 months with one message (pg. 196)
  • Secret #29:  How a burned-out corporate employee started a side-hustle during his "lunch break" and built a seven-figure business selling online courses (pg. 202).
  • Secret #30: The ONLY 3 types of online traffic and how to tap into each for MASSIVE growth (pg. 203).

Section 4: Live Your Message

  • Secret #31: Why both the Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit books almost didn't happen except for this ONE determining factor (pg. 225).
  • Secret #32: The SINGLE BEST WAY to connect DEEPLY with your audience. Once you tap into this, your audience will follow you anywhere (pg. 227)
  • Secret #33: How a struggling young man and formerly suicidal teenager turned his mess into his message and became a bestselling author (pg. 232).
  • Secret #34: An EASY 4-step repurposing plan to scale your content marketing efforts in just one hour per week. This one strategy alone will to SKY-ROCKET your TRAFFIC and LEADS (pg. 235).
  • Secret #35: 3 simple TOOLS you can use to bring CLARITY to your audience and help them move from DELAY to ACTION (pg. 239).
  • Secret #36: How NY Times Bestselling Authors have utilized this little-known one page strategy to create multiple seven-figure businesses and how you can use it too (pg. 241).
  • Secret #37: What the Messenger's 3-Step Game Plan for Success is & how you can start implementing it right away even if you are just getting started (pg. 247).
  • Secret #38: The 6 things you should do FIRST after you finish reading this book to get MASSIVE momentum right away (pg. 251).
  • Secret #39: How to use the "Messenger Manifesto Challenge" to give you clarity and focus over the next 30 days (pg. 252).
  • Secret #40: How to fill out your one-page MESSENGER ROADMAP to summarize all the BIG discoveries you've made in this book (pg. 257).

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  • Reason 1: We're on a mission to help 1,000 messengers (writers, speakers, coaches) go full-time online by 2025. Honestly, we need more people like YOU to launch your message-based business. This book shares the entire framework & roadmap on how to do it. 
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  • What if you could launch a business from the comfort of your own home that BOTH takes care of your family and makes an impact on others?
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  • What if you could manage a "location-independent business" that also allows you to influence anyone anywhere regardless of where you live?

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